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These are my three sprite comics. Take your pick!


                                Megamantics                       Super Mario RPG 2       Sonic Advance: The Real Story


Oh and while you're here it wouldn't hurt to sign up for my site so I know who all has been here. Please? 

Another Comic

I have added another comic to the comic trio making it a comic quartet! This is The Rube Goldberg Machine! I have added a link to it! It is viewable at



Mario RPG 2 is back! 

I know the comic stopped for a long time but it's finally back and I'm updating it every so often. Come and check it out! 



We have Wallpapers!

I have put up some high resolution wallpapers that have to do with the comics and some that I made that are kinda cool but not comic related. The wallpapers are all right here!

Look for Us on Facbook and Twitter!

I now have a page for the site on Facebook and Twitter and you are most welcome to join! 

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